Welcome to Hydraform

Hydraform has dedicated nearly 30 years of experience in its alternative construction technology and has developed its self-blocking system.

Through continued research and development with major institutions, Hydraform has developed a self-locking building block that is built dry, avoiding the use of mortar in around 70% of the building structure without the use of concrete columns.

the Hydraform building system has been extensively customized to meet local construction needs using locally available raw materials.

Hydraformmena (Hydraform Middle East North Africa) is an associate in technical collaboration. it was created in 2019, it is the exclusive representative on the following countries: Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

The Hydraform Group has always focused on providing customers with state-of-the-art technologies. By conducting continuous research and development, both internally and in collaboration with local experts, the group is constantly striving to improve existing products and create new, innovative and appropriate offerings.



To see Hydraform buildings in every village and town improving the lives of all our stakeholders.

to actively participate in the field with our customers / stakeholders to develop innovative products that meet our markets.

– Innovation

– Excellence

– Teamwork

– Attention given to customers

A wide range of building materials to meet your needs

The local communities will benefit from the construction with the Hydraform range. They become active participants in the construction process and create a sense of awareness and pride within the community. It also provides an opportunity for additional income and offers unskilled men and women the opportunity to exercise and acquire new skills.

Hydraform provides a training for all its machines and products. Hydraform also offers technical support to all its machines with the timely supply of spare parts and a follow-up by the support team.

Building with the Hydraform construction system can also contribute to the protection of the environment. By replacing the terracotta bricks with blocks Hydraform blockers, you no longer need to burn wood to seal the clay blocks.

The Hydraform construction system is used and recommended by many NGOs, governments, private investors, development agents, international agencies, mining companies and companies from all over the world. The specifications of the machine are subject to change without notice. E. & O.E. (We accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions) the weights are valid for machines without packaging.