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Hydraform, as a leader in alternative building technology, offers positions in a specialized and niche market. A variety of roles, from technical trainers to sales, administration, customer service and finance, play a vital role in our environment.


Our dynamic team seeks innovation and customer orientation by offering not only a product, but also a solution.

Hydraform Construction Technology

Technical and commercial assistance
We deliver Hydraform machines all over the world. We provide the necessary training and provide technical support for the full range of Hydraform products.



Hydraform blocks can be produced with a sandy soil with a clay content between 5 – 20% and silt content of 5-25%. Blocks can even be produced [...]

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Please consult the Hydraform experts at www.hydraform.com to achieve not only quality blocks, but also a profitable proportion of raw material. Hydraform machine-made fly ash blocks can also be manufactured with medium to light density, which helps reduce structural costs.

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