HYDRAFORM block-making machines are hydraulically controlled with integrated or separate pan mixer. The machines are designed to give maximum efficiency with ease of use and maintenance. The machines can be installed on a park block to operate in the factory or on site. Consistent R & D ensures that machines have the versatility to realize a variety of block designs, taking into account evolving construction requirements. The sieved soil or fly ash is mixed with cement, coarse sand and water to form a homogeneous mixture. The mixture is then introduced into the compaction chamber through a sliding hopper. The chamber is equipped with replaceable mold plates to give different shapes and sizes of blocks. The mixture is then hydraulically compacted and extruded to form a block. The fresh blocks thus manufactured can be handled manually and do not require pallets to be stacked and cured. Bulk mobile machines are available on road-mounted trucks for on-site mobility and stationery machines are also available for factory or on-site production. This saves bulk transportation costs. Once the blocks are completely cured by water spraying, they can be dry stacked with no or minimal mortar depending on the application. HYDRAFORM machines are ideal for sites where material is available near the site or the cost of transporting bricks is high. Blocks and embedded masonry are environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to conventional machines and methods. HYDRAFORM offers block machines powered by diesel engines or electric motors. Hydraform machines are available in the following model options:

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